Balbine Pascaline Magani Omgba

Geologist for almost 15 years, Pascaline has been in charge of the supervision and development of artisanal mining (ASM) in Cameroon. She has also carried out promotional actions both at national and international level that have led to a better understanding of Cameroon’s rich mining potential. Currently, she is implementing, in collaboration with other administrations, two projects, one on securing artisanal mining sites, and second on eliminating the use of mercury in gold panning. She is the Founder and President of the Cameroon Women in Mining Association (AFEMIC). Since August 2018, she is the women’s representative on the interim board of the Central Africa Mining Association (CAMA).


Zenzi Natasha Awases

Zenzi is a geologist with 15 years’ experience. She started her career as a graduate geologist in 2005. Notable career highlights include exploring and mining fluvial, alluvial and deflation diamonds deposits. In 2012, she expanded her experience to include marine mining of a paleo-placer diamond deposit. She holds a B.Tech (Geology) from the Tshwane University of Technology, B.Sci (Honors) in Geology from the University of Stellenbosch and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management and Administration from the University of Stellenbosch Business School.

Central Africa Representative

Dorothee Masele

Western Africa Representative

Rosine Atafeinam Abalo

Rosine Atafeinam Abalo, born on July 31st in Togo, holds a Ph.D. in geology and geotechnics from Togo, Morocco, and France. With experience at a private geotechnical lab and the Directorate of Mining and Geology, she now serves as an Investment Officer at Togo Invest. Dr. ABALO played a key role in drafting Togo’s mining code, conducting a comparative study on existing codes. She also contributed to the review of UEMOA’s mining code and participated in drafting the ECOWAS charter on gender mainstreaming in geo-extractives.

Beyond her professional roles, she actively works towards prosperity, freedom, and peace in Africa. As the first Head of the Gender and Advocacy Committee at WIMOWA, she co-founded AFEMET, an association for women in mining or business in Togo. Her leadership extends to being the representative of West Africa in the continental association AWIMA for Women in Mining in Africa.

Southern Africa Representative

Nametso Ntsosa-Carr

Nametso Ntsosa-Carr is the current Chairperson of SADC Women in Mining and President of Women in Business Association (WIBA) in Botswana. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Social and Health Care, she is a versatile entrepreneur with investments in various sectors, including mining iron ore and limestone. Ntsosa-Carr is involved in selling washed coal from Botswana mines, supplying Botswana beef to SADC countries, and participating in various boards like Business Botswana and the Botswana National Olympic Committee.

Born in Tshikinyega ward in Mahalapye, Ntsosa-Carr draws inspiration from the analogy of ‘farrowclaps’ on donkeys, emphasizing focus for women in business. She advocates for women to diversify into all types of businesses, urging them to move beyond selling food and small items. As a founder of Women In Mining Botswana Organisation (WIMBO), she encourages women to participate in policy decision-making and work cooperatively in the mining sector. Ntsosa-Carr sees the Covid-19 pandemic as a catalyst for women to form clusters, engage in farming, and explore productive areas like ICT for business growth. Her challenge to women is to develop resilience, set ambitious business targets, and actively contribute to the male-dominated sectors of the economy.

Eastern Africa Representative

Judith Kiangi